Dog Grooming Salon at Dogs By Debbie

Providing your dog with the best grooming treatments in Northern Ireland

Based in Northern Ireland, we provide a verity of grooming services to your dogs from clip & style to teeth cleaning. We provide our services for:

-Short haired and long haired dogs
-From puppies to adults

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More about our sweet dog salon…

We offer a verity of dog grooming services, based here in Northern Ireland.

Back in early 2021, Debbie had a vision that she wanted to create…. As dog lover herself, Debbie knew she wanted her own dog grooming salon, and therefore started up as a small business in her own garage. With a love for dogs, Debbie has developed her business further and is now taking her dream to the next level…

Our Teeth Cleaning Service…

Our teeth cleaning service offers professional oral hygiene care for pets, focusing on thorough cleaning to promote dental health and prevent issues such as plaque buildup and gum disease.

Services we can offer your dogs today…

Long haired grooming service:

Our long-haired grooming service is explicitly tailored for long-haired pets.

Short haired grooming service:

Our short-haired grooming serves the needs of short-haired pets.

Our clip & style service:

Our clip & style service provides professional grooming and styling for pets.

Teeth cleaning service:

Our teeth cleaning service offers professional oral hygiene care for pets.

Meet, Debbie…

Meet our business owner Debbie (Owner of Dogs By Debbie)

Debbie first started her business with a flair for creativity in the dog grooming industry back in early 2021. Debbie has always had a strong interest in dog’s health and grooming. Debbie therefore is qualified in dog grooming, securing herself with a well-recognized qualification. Debbie has also attended and has been trained in a dogs first aid course, to ensure your pup is always safe at Dogs By Debbie.

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Did Someone Say Puppy Packages?!

Is your precious pooch 20 weeks and under?

Do you have a new addition to the family? If your pup is 20 weeks and under, then we can offer a puppy package just for you! The first 4 sessions your pup has with us are free!